If you consult this link on our website it is because we are interested in any of the used parts that you sell to some of our customers.
We are professionals in the buying and selling of auto people in Europe, but most of our clients are currently Portuguese. We have a minority of customers in other European countries, and sometimes we have orders from customers in other Portuguese speaking countries.
Each scrap has a different way of working, and we try to adapt to each one more sometimes it is not easy.


Our activity is 100% legal, and in this sense we ask that all our suppliers comply with current legislation, so we buy in declared scrap metal. We can buy from private individuals, but this is something rare, in which case we always comply with the legislation of the country, namely in terms of identification of the seller.


Some providers prefer contact by phone, others by mail, and others also work through WhatsApp. If you have a preferred contact system please let us know. We work mostly by mail ( and We are an e-commerce company. Our email contacts can be made in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


For us and our customers the price is very important. Our customers are either professionals in the auto sector (sometimes we also have scrap metal as customers) or people with good knowledge so high prices usually mean that final customers do not buy. Low prices ensure that the purchase is more likely.


As for transport, we are flexible. There are scrap metal companies that like to work with their transport services, and others that prefer us to transport. When you tell us the price pf let us indicate the price taking that into account. works with SEUR as the preferred carrier.


PECASAUTO.PT pays its suppliers by Bank Transfer.


If you are contacted for the first time by us, we may have to clarify all these aspects but later purchases are considered to develop more easily.